The dishonesty at the heart of Nicola Sturgeon’s government.



Neil Findlay may well have been wrong to call Nicola Sturgeon a “liar”, but dishonesty is at the heart of her politics.

She opposes Tory austerity, but backs the bigger cuts that would come with full fiscal autonomy.

She opposed George Osborne’s budget,  but stands “shoulder to shoulder” with the Tories delivering it in Scotland.

She claims her council tax freeze is protecting household budgets, but her poverty advisor is clear that it is making inequality worse.

Worst of all, she promotes the idea that public services in Scotland can be revolutionised by tinkering at the edges and funded by cutting taxes. This is a Tory agenda.

After 9 years of government, and an unprecedented majority, we have a First Minister who has offered Scotland nothing bold. Despite the breadth and depth of political capital she holds, she is happy simply to comment on issues as they arise rather than implementing any of her progressive rhetoric.

If we are to keep our SNP Government, let’s keep Nicola Sturgeon true to her word and at least expect her to make some of her rhetoric reality.


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