SNP & the Tories: Robbing Peter to Pay Paul in the Aberdeen City Deal

Ships in Aberdeen harbour.

It is rewarding to see the Tory and the SNP Governments working hand in glove for the benefit of the north east of Scotland. Perhaps we are better together after all?

Whilst the City Deal is recognition that there will be no “second oil boom” anytime soon, it will be a welcome boost to the Aberdeenshire economy. Nonetheless it is worth looking closely at what is being offered by our masters in Westminster and Holyrood.

Firstly it is notable that the £524m of funding is not immediately available, but will be drip-fed up until 2025.

The funding provided by David Cameron must be seen within the context of the cancelation of the Carbon Capture and Storage trial which may well have benefited the north east.

The bulk of the £254m provided by the SNP Government will be used to upgrade the rail track at Montrose. Alex Salmond actually committed to this, under pressure from Labour’s Lewis Macdonald MSP, in March 2014. At that time the then First Minister said he’d “actively take forward” the project.

It is also important to note that whilst the Scottish Government funding is welcome, the SNP are simultaneously cutting local authority spending in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire by £25m in this coming year.

Not only are the SNP presenting existing infrastructure commitments as new projects, Peter is being robbed to pay Paul by both them and the Trories.

8 thoughts on “SNP & the Tories: Robbing Peter to Pay Paul in the Aberdeen City Deal

  1. Stewart Dredge says:

    Well, Scott, Labour should know what the Tories stand for because it campaigned with them to keep Osbourne in control of Scotland’s finances during the referendum. Scottish Fiscal DEL budget being cut by around 10 per cent in real term thanks to Labour’s treachery. Thanks Labour!


    • DrScottThinks says:

      I feel sorry for you. It is 2016 and you are making silly comments at 1am about the 2014 referendum.

      I oppose the Tories and their cuts. Nonetheless, can you show me any independent analysis which shows we’d be better off if we’d left the UK?

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  2. Stewart Dredge says:

    Scott, I am touched by your kind concern. However, the Tories cutting the Scottish budget is an issue which is bang up to date. You use this blog to attack the SNP and not the Tories and you try to kill any mention of Labour’s abysmal record in Government and opposition. What would Labour do in Scotland to counter Westminster Austerity?


  3. Stewart Dredge says:

    Your question was about independence, though you told me you didn’t want to discuss the referendum. So answer MY question. What would Labour do to counter Tory Austerity? I promise I won’t embarrass you by mentioning the CBR vote last January.


  4. Stewart Dredge says:

    As for poverty, Labour claimed it would halve child poverty. Leaving aside all the sneaky manipulation of the meaning of “child poverty” using the “median income calculation, Labour was finally forced to admit defeat on its pledge to halve child poverty by 2010. More smoke and mirrors from you, Scott.


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