Alex Salmond’s Address to the Unco Guid

A week or two ago I posted a blog about Alex Salmond MSP/MP/Author/Columnist/Radio presenter. This was also published in The Scotsman as a letter. Today Mr Salmond replied. Below is my response.

AS money

I feel obliged to respond to Mr Salmond’s letter addressed at me (letters, 26 January).  The fundamental point I was making in my “sad and sanctimonious” letter (18th January) was that the SNP’s Pete Wishart told Scotland that it was not possible to be an MP and have a second job. Mr Salmond clearly thinks otherwise – we can all agree on that.

As for Mr Salmond’s claim to have spoken 124 times in the Commons, alert readers will note that he made no mention of his work in Scotland’s Parliament. Despite drawing a Holyrood salary, he has hardly been seen there since May.

As for Mr Salmond’s donations to  the Mary Salmond Trust, these are documented on the Scottish Government’s OSCR website for those who wish to test the veracity of the points I made.

Lastly, in my letter I raised the issue of the company Mr Salmond has established to receive his publishing income and, as has been reported, reduce his tax liability. I note with interest that he did not respond to this point.

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