Can Scottish Labour give people hope for the change they desire?

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As an active member of Scottish Labour, I am fully behind Kezia Dugdale plans to rebuild the party in Scotland.

Kezia is exactly the type of leader we need to reach out to new supporters and activists, and she is clear that she will do that in an effort to find fresh faces and talent for the party. She wants people who also have experience of the real world. People who have held down real jobs, but want to do more to serve their country. People who are passionate about social justice, but have experience as nurses, engineers, planners, teachers, academics, parents or carers.

Kezia Dugdale and Alex Rowley also clearly want to change the tone of the political debate in Scotland. Simple anti-SNP and anti-Tory zealotry will not help Labour with the mountain it has to climb. Within this context, Kezia has set out quite clearly how education in Scotland is failing the most vulnerable Scots. Importantly, however, she has also offered constructive solutions and given a public commitment to work with the SNP Government to help ensure every child in Scotland reaches their full potential.

This does not mean that Scottish Labour will not hold the SNP to account on policing cuts, NHS waiting times and falling literacy.  However, it does show that delivering Labour values is at the core of  Kezia Dugdale’s leadership.

There is clearly an appetite for change across the UK. People want Scotland and the UK to become a fairer and more sustainable country which plays a positive role in the world. Scottish Labour’s challenge will be to give Scots hope that Labour values can deliver that change.

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