Let’s start talking positively about what Holyrood can achieve.


David Cameron is correct. It is time for the political debate in Scotland to move on. It is time to stop talking about the constitution and begin the work of considering what can be achieved with the Smith Commission powers.

Already this week we have seen a plan from Scottish Labour to fund real reductions in educational inequality via the reintroduction of the 50p tax rate in Scotland on annual income above £150,000. I have also been encouraged by debate within the Labour movement regarding how the Smith Commission powers can be used to fund a sustainable house building programme.

On the right, the Scottish Conservatives are clearly positioning themselves to have a 2016 manifesto constructed around a tax cutting agenda.

From the SNP we have seen nothing. Like nationalists around the world, not least UKIP, Ms Sturgeon wants to blame others for Scotland’s problems.

Rather than outline how Holyrood can deal with the challenges we face in health, education and inequality the SNP want to pretend that “more powers” are the key. Like a dragon hoards gold, it is beginning to appear that the SNP covet powers despite having no use for them. Nationalism is indeed a malign ideology.

Let’s start talking positively about what Holyrood can achieve. Lets start talking about how the life chances of Scots can be improved and, importantly,  how that benefits everyone.  Let’s get Ms Sturgeon to stop grandstanding and get her back to running the Scottish Government.

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