Will Scotland ever forgive the SNP?

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon in composed mood during last nights leaders debate. Picture: Getty

The final televised Scottish Leaders Debate was again dominated by rhetoric regarding coalition deals, rather than substantive policy discussions. A key point in the proceedings for me was when Nicola Sturgeon claimed she wanted an anti-Tory majority to form the government on Friday and that Scotland would never forgive Labour if it failed to do just as the SNP demand. This prospect raises two interesting points. Firstly, how long would any coalition last which shared only a common enemy, but no a common goal? Labour is driven by the need to promote social justice in Scotland, the UK and abroad. Whereas the SNP want independence at any cost. The second point is more immediate.  Whilst Nicola Sturgeon asserts that she wants an anti-Tory coalition, the rhetoric she and Alex Salmond use is nuanced in such a way that David Cameron can readily use it, with help from his friends in the media, to win votes from Labour south of the border. I am in no doubt that if the Tories win this election the SNP can claim at least part of the credit. The question is, will Scotland ever forgive the SNP for this?

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