The SNP’s Trident Folly

BASIC Trident.preview

David Torrance ably points out in his opinion piece in The Herald today that more Scots support Trident than oppose it. I am largely undecided on the issue, but his observation does highlight the folly of the Nationalist position.

When Nicola Sturgeon made Trident removal a “red line” issue, she was essentially saying it was more important than dealing with food banks, welfare sanctions and the redistribution of wealth and opportunity in Scotland. Cynics would say that this is because the SNP cannot flank Labour on the left on these and other issues, whereas Trident is a policy conflict which can be exploited.

Indeed, the news that the SNP have organised a commons debate on Trident speaks volumes. Surely Scots, not least the SNP’s new left-wing members, would have been better served by a debate about the issues which underpin inequality in the UK, or even one on how the oil industry may be better supported?

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