Alex Salmond’s Home Rule Minefield.


Sun Tzu said two thousand years ago in his seminal “The Art of War”  that being able to choose the battlefield was key to victory. This week Labour north and south of the border signalled that their tanks would be aggressively defending the NHS – their home turf. The onslaught has been overwhelming and has not wasted time taking prisoners – Kezia Dugdale demonstrated this at First Minister’s Questions this week. Victory was won.

Now Alex Salmond, in order to defend his successor, cynically tries to move our attention back to the SNP’s chosen constitutional battlefield with talk of Home Rule being won in May’s General Election. The problem with this strategy is that this battlefield is now a minefield. Home Rule would mean Scotland would have to shoulder the full impact of the oil price crash alone. Mr Salmond may well view that as a price worth paying, but I expect Sun Tzu would view it as a pyrrhic victory. Mr Salmond would be sent homeward by Sun Tzu, to think again.

One thought on “Alex Salmond’s Home Rule Minefield.

  1. Maureen Johnson says:

    Alex Salmond is playing games with his own supporters. That is sad becausethey believed in
    him, even although the majority of us saw through him. He is taking advantage of their naivety in not caring about risks – worth it to have some sort of identity. One thing for sure those supporters who are the more discerning will see through his narcissism – hopefully. Meanwhile to some it looks like he has finally lost all sense of humanity. I never thought he had any.

    Home Rule – starting to doubt his ability to reason. Put your fiddle away Alex the NHS is burning.

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